Target Exhibitors & Visitors

Target Exhibitors

Exhibit Category

Detection・Inspection and Analysis

Monitoring and Alert Systems

Communication Equipment and Encryption Technologies

Trespassing Prevention Facilities and Equipment
Access Control and Biometric System

Special Equipment

Simulators and Training Equipment

Cyber Security

Refuge・Rescue・Emergency Medicine

Other Anti-Terrorism Measures

Special Exhibit Zone

Counter Terrorism for Softtarget

Harbor Guard solution

NBCR Terrorism Measures

Anti-Explosive Measures

Robot & Drone

Still and Moving Image Analysis

Expected Visitors

Co-Located Show & Special Affiliated Event

  • RISOCN2020
  • 緊急時ライフライン確保
  • 気象災害・リスク対策サミット
  • PPE・労働安全フェア
  • サイバーセキュリテイワールド20